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    SPOILEROh man I hope you're not right

    There was one moment where it looked like Jon had seen Sam but chose to leave in order to go save Bran. Ooh consequences! Stakes! Inner character turmoil that either decision will haunt Jon forever! Nah. Bran is saved by Arya and Sam lives because despite one Wight being able to almost kill Jeor Mormont if it weren't for Jon and Ghost, apparently as a collective they're as useful as the battle droids in the Phantom Menace that Obi Wan and Qui Gon break no sweat with.

    Holy crap it's prequel bad.


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      The director of the most recent episodes told TMZ that people just weren't watching the episode properly if they found it too dark, initially blaming TV, mobile and device settings and then blaming streaming quality.

      And then he said "I knew the episode wasn't too dark because I shot it." Holy shit this guy really is full of himself.

      Seems to have some dire need to defend it all rather than admit he did something wrong. Anyway this UniLad article (smh) collects all his comments:


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        People saying "lol y didn't you just turn up the brightness" are kind of missing the point of the fact that shouldn't have to lmao


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          Yeah it's stupid. I can watch the Battle of Helms Deep and see clear definition throughout the entirety of it without altering any viewing conditions, why does this one episode of GOT demand different?

          I wouldn't even compare a cinematic large scale battle to this any other time because it's a bit unfair, but the funding of this GOT season topples previous ones and with nearly half the episodes - and the comparison already being made to Helms Deep by the director himself - it seems fair to do so.


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            I gotta agree, last episode while Initially coming off it feeling pretty good, in the end it kind of just leaves you dissatisfied. the hour and 20 watching it though was fun but later, just sitting around letting it sink in you kinda realize hoowwwww much this feels like fanfaction or "Walking dead" at this point SPOILERnobody valuable biting it and everyone can take on 50 enemies at once. Arya killing the main baddy was a meh for me, i feel like a final one on one would have been more satisfying to watch than a sleight of the hand ending blow. and yes jon was fucking useless as he always seems to be now. I actually feel danny and jon are THE MOST boring and annoying characters on this show now, barely interested in them. Kit said next episode is one of his faves so let's see how that plays out


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              Jon is gonna die next episode. Calling it.


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                Since his resurrection D&D have written him like h he's brain dead so he might as well tbh.

                This meme sums up how I gel about the last episode and the arcs it's destroyed.
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                  Ohh yeah, Game of thrones is basically Marvel now tbh. everything in that vid is pretty much exactly how i felt a few mins after lol.


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                    Nah. Marvel usually has at least a mediocre story pay off and character triumphs we root for. Arya kills the Night King, whoop! I'm rooting for the soulless mass-murdering machine who has lost her humanity in the pursuit of revenge only the show hasn't really highlighted this very well! She's just a badass now. No nuance, no complexity, just a badass.

                    I know I need to get a life but it can wait just under three weeks.
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                      The weird thing now is they can't have Arya kill Cersei can they? But that as an ending to Arya's arc would have been far, far more satisfying. Shame tbh.


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                        SPOILERExactly. Cersei has always been on her 'list', that's her arc, either killing her or realising revenge is costing her at a mental, emotional and moral level and it's not worth it. Her killing both TNK and Cersei is just, I don't know, but this isn't the Arya Stark show.

                        I have two major issue with Arya as a character at this moment in time. The first is plot wise, how is the House of Black and White happy to let her go round mass murdering everyone? Like that goes against everything they exist for. Second is character wise, George is a huge pacifist and it's probably one of the biggest themes in his books* and I don't see how the character we have now resembles one of his protagonists who ends up living in the end. She has had no repercussions for her actions and I don't see any satisfying conclusions for her that can be done in 3 episodes.

                        (*one of the writers actually said in an interview "themes are for eighth grade book reports" LOL)
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                          I'm just hoping for whenever the book are published SOMEONE out there does those episodes and marks this current season as "never happened" movies love doing that these days


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                            Episode 4 has leaked, I have no links (yet).

                            I've seen a clip and something happens that someone said would happen in with a load of other at the time alleged 'leaks', if the rest happens then we're in for one utter horeshit of a final season. Like you can't imagine how bad this could potentially be.

                            scratch that I've seen two confirmed. It's happening and we truly live in the darkest timeline.
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                              Watching now and...
                              SPOILERLOL what the fuck? They have literally changed Bronn's entire character and personality for what reason? To make him evil? Some sort of bandit cartoon villain for the final episodes? This is fucking stupid. He's quickly went from being one of my favourite characters to not a character at all.


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                                SPOILERDid Tyrion just virgin shame Brienne? Oh yeah that's totally his character now. Did Sansa just say it was a good thing she was used and abused by Littlefinger and Ramsay? Really? Beyond words tbh.

                                Also all of Arya's dialogue is now random quotes from previous episodes.

                                This one is nitpicky but Gendry is a bastard raised in the Crownlands that makes him a Waters not a Rivers.

                                SPOILERStand in an open field in front of your sworn enemy who has the high ground (thank you Obi Wan) with less than half of your depleted force, one third of your original dragon count, no siege weapons and tell the enemy to surrender or die while they have their weapons on you and you have nothing but the exposure of the open plain. Solid plot, isn't it?

                                Bronn fought against Dany, saunters in to a room with the Hand of the Queen and his brother, with no guards stationed and wielding a crossbow. How? Because plot.

                                Euron fires a three round burst with FMJ attached from a rocking boat against a moving object and lands all three? How? Because the script said so.

                                How did Dany not see Euron and his armada? Bird's eye view and all? That'd also be the plot.

                                Why shoot down the unmanned dragon first? They know she rides Drogon, they saw her riding him at the Dragon Pit. He's a bigger target to hit. Makes sense, right? Yeah but plot.

                                How can Euron land 3/3 while the rest of the fleet does nothing then when everyone fires they all miss? Because the plot needs this to happen.

                                But Bron struggled to fire off 1 shot every minute when he was firing at Drogon last season... Also only one Dragon in the history of Westeros was felled by a Scorpion bolt and it was a lucky shot to the eye...Yeah but that's not what the plot needs right now. Forget about previously established rules of the universe it's set in for the plot.

                                The numerous lapses in common sense begin to compound beyond repair and the series is officially broken.

                                The thing that annoyed me most is Jon telling his siblings who he is happens off screen. I've always wanted that scene. NOPE. I know they'd have butchered it but still.
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