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U need 2 watch this! Rec a film that people should see that isn’t given enough credit

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  • U need 2 watch this! Rec a film that people should see that isn’t given enough credit

    So I stole the general thread idea from Dante's Game Recommendation thread and was wondering what sort of films you think are grossly underrated and deserve a watch from the other members of the board? Would be a cool way to stop our frequent slumps in movie viewing and put a film on the watch-list for when you feel indecisive.

    I'll start by recommending Jackie Chan's Little Big Soldier - although it was certainly received well in China and critically globally, when it comes from one of the biggest Martial Arts action stars there ever has been in Hollywood/Chinese action movies and Hollywood/Chinese Martial Arts comedy too, people often overlook this film and instantly jump to Police Story and Rumble in the Bronx. That's cool, but it's seriously a great shame this isn't seen by more people - it deserves it.

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    I'm not even sure where to begin

    I guess the first thing that pops into my head is Brick

    Give that a go if you're so inclined, I'll have more later


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      Cabin in the Woods, and, Scream if you've not seen them. Both are pretty meta when it comes to horror tropes and overused clichés but done in a way thats entertaining with the movies still working as horror movies.

      Memento. A Guy Pearce starring movie about a guy who due to an injury can't form any new long-term memories and so his memory gets 'reset' every day or two. Really awesome mindfuck movie told in an interesting way. Won't say more about it due to spoilers (also don't watch any trailers).

      Battlestar Galatica (2004). TV series rather than a movie but its such an amazingly well done show with fantastic actors, acting, story and characters. The very ending of the show is a bit... hit or miss, but overall the whole show is a must watch even if you don't have any particular fondness for sci-fi. If you have seen any of the recent sci-fi show The Expanse, BSG is much like that in terms of believability and a grounded sense to it (no laser beams but ballistic ammo, etc).

      The Expanse, TV series - see BSG above lol. Fantastic show. Still ongoing too so if you like getting into communities to talk, theorize and so on about ongoing shows nows the time.

      Dragonheart. Fuck anyone who disagrees but this film is amazing haha. Dragon hunting knights, immortal boy-kings, talking dragons and some of the most iconic/nostalgic music/dialogue combo that comes to mind. Look to the stars, Bowen, look to the stars... Apparently there are several sequels. Don't watch those. Its like the Home Alone series, first two were great and third was terrible but did you know theres actually FIVE of them? Thats how bad they were, you didn't even know they existed levels of bad.

      Ninja Assassin. I've suggested this before back on MGSF, but I honestly think its a very underrated movie. Its name is terrible yes, the movie is fairly stupid yes, but its incrediably well made with fantastic martial arts choreography alot of which is insanely violent, story is a nonsensical mess but the characters themselves are quite interesting actually. At least for the type of film it is. I still maintain it has one of the nicest romances in an age where romance is violently shoved down your throat in practically every movie, show, game, podcast, street flyers and ads. It also however has a really stupid suggested romance between the hero and the female lead which is nonsense.

      Hulk (2003). Back before Ruffalo starred as the jolly green rage monster, back even before Edward Norton checked comic book movie off his bucket list, we had Eric Bana playing the titular character. Rewatched this on Netflix recently and honestly its actually quite decent. The ending, in particular the big enemy and how its defeated (and especially how it looks jfc) is bad, but otherwise its quite an enjoyable movie. Whereas Ruffalo's version of the character is experienced and world-weary having been the Hulk for years, the 2003 movie actually deals with Banner becoming the Hulk initially and how that somewhat messes with him. I say somewhat because its a very light movie the same way the original Spiderman movie is light. Doesn't linger on character moments, etc. Still, regardless as to ones stance on the movie, I reckon it honestly has one of the coolest superhero theme music. I'd actually say its the best music in any of the MCU movies, most is so generic its forgetable even if in the moment its cool. This is the only music I actually remember (even before my recent rewatch).
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        Hell yeah Ev. I'm thinking we're soul-mates (by that I mean we're the only two people on earth who think Hulk (2003) is worth a watch.)


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          Watched Dragonheart at the cinema as a kid. I cried at the end, haven't watched it since.


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            Originally posted by Jassassino View Post
            Hell yeah Ev. I'm thinking we're soul-mates (by that I mean we're the only two people on earth who think Hulk (2003) is worth a watch.)
            You got my hopes up there for a minute, how dare you Jass. I'm now heartbroken! T_T

            Back to movies though, a fucking amazing film is The Rock. No not the living god guy. Basic gist is a group of soldiers take over The Rock/Alcatraz prison out in the San Francisco (I think) bay and are threatening to unleash biological weapons on the city if their demands are not met. Cue Nicholas Cage (one of his good performances), Sean Connery, Ed Harris and Kyle Fucking Reese Micheal Biehn. Some great performances, a fantastic lead villain who has proper motives and humanity, so cool set pieces, a good story - its simple but told well and brilliant music. Highly recommend the movie.

            Actually listening to the theme music for the movie currently and its so great. Sort of reminds me of the old/original Rainbow Six games in the beginning.
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              The rock is AMAZING, I also watch it with the "final James bond movie" slant to it. Ive watched it sooo much as a kid.


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                The Rock is Michael Bay's best film not including Bad Boys.


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                  The Rock is the only film by Bay I can watch and unironically appreciate as just a really solid action flick. Cage and Connery are a blast together, the action is solid, and Ed Harris' subordinates include a young Dr. Cox and a young Tuco lol.


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                    TV show on Netflix called Dark. Watched it way back when it released and loved it, though thought it had been cancelled. They just announced a release date for the second season (and even specifiy a 3rd season within the trailer for the 2nd, which is a great sign I think). First season was great, interesting story that keeps you guessing. Can't say much about it as it would be very spoilery. Very much recommend giving it a watch though if you don't mind subtitles as the show is in German - for real though don't let that dissuade you. Heres part of the synopsis from wiki,

                    "Children start disappearing from the fictional German town of Winden, bringing to light the fractured relationships, double lives, and dark past of four families living there, and revealing a mystery that spans three generations. The series follows Jonas Kahnwald, a teenager struggling to cope with his father's suicide; police officer Ulrich Nielsen, whose brother disappeared 33 years earlier; and police chief Charlotte Doppler."

                    Second season is coming on June 21st so you guys have three weeks to catch up if interested.
                    Aaalso they finally fucking announced when Jessica Jones s3 is hitting, June 14th! It is, unsurprisingly, to be the final season given Disney/Marvel cutting ties with Netflix and making their own streaming service.
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                      Another TV show for those on the lookout for one: Black Sails.

                      Its a historicaly inspired, non-exaggerated/non-fantasy pirate show that follows the adventures of Captain Flint and John Silver (aye, that John Silver) as they hunt down a Spanish warship carrying a fuckton of gold. Shit goes sideways, betrayals, backstabs, an ever deepening rage toward civilization, freedom, slavery, decent lgbt portrayels, fantastic set design and battles and without a doubt the most charismatic villain I've ever seen on tv. I'm actually really surprised the actor never won awards, I've never seen any other actor portray anger and rage so well.

                      A note however is that the first season is a tad slow, though I really would recommend giving it a try and pushing through the first season because the second is one of the most satisfying seasons of a tv show I've ever seen. Its S2 ending in particular is utterly masterful and anyone who enjoys watching a fall/rise to villainy will find it especially enjoyable. Also has probably the most fitting song choice ever, during the S2 credits.

                      The show is also totally over now, there are four seasons total and each one is ten episodes for total length being, essentially, 40hrs. If you enjoy pirates, or find them interesting enough at least, and wanna see them more realistic and grounded dipictions this is the show for you.
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                        Demolition Man (1993).
                        Stars Sylvester Stallone as a hardcore action hero cop, and Wesley Snipes as a hardcore and fairly insane criminal that gives DC Joker vibes in the beginning. Both are then cyrogenit frozen for 36 years and get thawed out in a sci-fi future with handheld tablet devices, self-driving cars and a very strong PC culture where even swearing in public gives you a fine.

                        Great movie, very entertaining and has good acting for the most part. Watching in these days though and the satire and politically correct culture of the sci-fi setting really lands a lot more than it did back then (similar to Last Action Hero being disliked back then but actually being fantastic satire). Well worth a watch!
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                          Strange Days (1995)

                          Neo-noir/tech noir sci-fi thriller directed by Kathryn Bigelow with screenplay by James Cameron. In the last two days of 1999, Los Angeles has become a dangerous war zone. As a group of criminals rob a Chinese restaurant, the event is recorded by a robber wearing a SQUID, an illegal electronic device that records memories and physical sensations directly from the wearer's cerebral cortex onto a MiniDisc-like device for playback. Lenny Nero, a former LAPD officer turned black marketeer of SQUID recordings, buys the robbery clip from his main supplier, Tick. Elsewhere, a prostitute named Iris, who is a former friend of Lenny's ex-girlfriend Faith Justin, is being chased by LAPD officers Burton Steckler and Dwayne Engelman. Iris escapes on a subway car but Engleman pulls off her wig, revealing a SQUID recorder headset.

                          Movie is amazing mainly because of 3 things: gritty and very unique atmosphere, great acting from its main stars and how it presents its taboo themes (voyeurism, abuse of power, rape) to the audience. It has its shortcomings like some plotholes, really testing at times our suspension of disbelief or for some excessive brutality might be a no no but all in all it is a very entertaining, unique, at times thought provoking and really worthwhile film.

                          Also soundtrack is really amazing, have a taste: