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    I still think the dialogue in this game is terrible and the amount of profanity distracting and abundant, but the game looks like it's gonna be "cocksuckingly" awesome. Also dat celebrity cameo at the end lol.

    Jesus, what is it with video games selling these games off of all the A-Listers and not the game itself I wonder... \_(:/)_/

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    Also, the game is coming April 16th, 2020.


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      Well if someone liked dialogue of Witcher 3 then he won't experience that quality in Cyberpunk for two reasons:
      - most of the writers responsible for Witcher left CDP quite some time ago AFAIK
      - from what I've gathered this style of abundant, cringy profanity and stupid sounding dialogue is part of how things were in original pen&paper Cyberpunk 2020 game that 2077 is based on

      As a lover of all thing cyberpunk and tech noir I really dig game's setting and style but other than that: where's the "completely different looking gameplay" in comparison to what was shown last time?


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        I knew I couldn't have been the only one who cringed when the dude said, "we didn't need all this cocksucking attention, dammit!"


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          The fuck was that trailer? We go from a fantastic 40min gameplay trailer to some game-reveal style cgi trailer that arguably just tells me not to remotely trust that dude with the glasses and bionic arm. Very underwhelming.

          The dialogue I didn't think was too bad though, the issue was more the delivery of the line than the word choice itself in my opinion. Just sounded so forced. Then again I can't see cocksucking being used outside of angry yells or cold disdain when in reference to someone. I dunno. Was a strange line but mostly delivery was bad imo.
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