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  • Ghost of Tsushima

    PGW 2017 Announce Trailer:

    E3 2018 Gameplay Debut:

    World and Story:

    Get ready for some samurai swordplay, my ninjas!

    In all seriousness, though, I've been dreaming of a bad ass samurai and/or ninja game for quite some time now. I know there have been some other samurai games out but none of them really interest me. Sekiro and Nioh both seem a little too unrealistic for my liking. Nioh is more appealing to me but it seems like a straight up Souls rip off. Also those old Dynasty Warrior games or whatever they are just didn't tickle my pickle. Ghost of Tsushima seems much more realistic as far as what's going on in the game as well as the actual gameplay. I haven't seen any giant insects or anything like that yet so my interest is piqued.

    I recently read that some dude who worked on AC: Odyssey has been hired to help with the story. I haven't played Odyssey yet but I've heard nothing but good things about it so far. I also read that their aim is to make a GOTY level game so hopefully that's the type of effort we'll get out of the developers. I'm not holding my breath and it's not a definite purchase for me yet, but I'm definitely hyped so far. Need to see more.

    Also tbh I really haven't looked too far into it so if any of you have any cool info you'd like to share please do. I want to learn all I can about it but my time will be limited for the next few weeks as I prepare to move to Florida. I honestly haven't even watched the videos all the way through yet (long ass mahfuckas).

    Anybody else hyped for this game?
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    I was really hyped for this game on announcement but damn if it didn't disappear to the oblivion of my mind lol. When is it due, and are any of those videos new?


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      Although Sucker Punch and Sony are keeping quiet about the Ghost of Tsushima release date, a Swedish retailer may have just leaked the info.'s listing for the PS4 exclusive stated that the game would be available on August 30, 2019.
      This is what I've been seeing recently, but I also read that Sony has another big title believed to be coming out around the same time (almost thought the article said Death Stranding but I can't see that coming out so soon), and it wouldn't seem to make much sense that Sony would try to compete with themselves so I think that date is unlikely.

      And nah, unfortunately none of those videos are from this year.


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        A samurai game with stealth, realistic swordplay and a grounded story?
        Without dragons and all that fantasy shit?
        SIGN ME UP


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          Been excited for this since the first reveal. Sadly very little has been shown or talked about. What I do know is you can play the entire game with a samurai mindset, you aren't forced to start playing more like a ninja (which in itself is apparently part of the story, that the PC recognizes the samurai way didn't work against the mongols and adopted a stealthier approach). Should be really interesting at any rate! I've long been a fan of samurai and ninja games from my childhood playing the Tenchu series and later on the Way of the Samurai series. Its great that we're now going to get a proper triple A game that, as mentioned, isn't fantastical with mythological beasts and stuff. Instead just a nice realistic game set in a historic period.

          Still boggles my mind that Ubisoft hasn't done a Japanese Assassins Creed game yet. That would be such an easy win for them.
          A shade of true intent.


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            Originally posted by Ev. View Post
            Still boggles my mind that Ubisoft hasn't done a Japanese Assassins Creed game yet. That would be such an easy win for them.
            I've been saying this for years (pretty sure I remember seeing you and others point this out back on MGSF as well). I mean a ninja would be a perfect fit for the AC franchise. Just seems so obvious. It'll have to happen eventually. Maybe Tsushima will give them the kick in the ass they need if it has any kind of success.

            Also from now on I'm referring to it as GoT even though I know this game isn't what most people will think of when they see that initialism.


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              You know, I've never been into Feudal Japan. It's just not my cup of tea, and so the likes of Onimusha, Nioh and Sekiro have never really appealed to me. But Sucker Punch have grabbed my interest here. I'm not necessarily "getting into" samurai-related stuff, but Sucker Punch are a dev team that I really like. The Sly Cooper series are some of my favourite platformers ever, and inFamous was also pretty fantastic too.