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    Although my love for the game didn't last very long, I did enjoy The Division a lot at first. Although sadistic_greyfox is a grumpy old man who can't remember whether he enjoyed it or not, I'm pretty sure we had a few good games co-op'ing missions and taking on the DZ. I think if 2 fixes certain issues it has the potential to be a very good game. Is anyone picking it up?

    Played from a third-person perspective, the game takes place in Washington D.C. 7 months after its predecessor, in which a civil war between survivors and villainous bands of marauders breaks out.[1] In the game, players can cooperate with each other to complete objectives. The game will also feature raids, which can be completed by up to 8 players.[2]

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    Yeah I'll be getting it! Really enjoyed the first one, and returned to it on and off for a bit. Was usually ever only two of us though, still enjoyable however. We did run around in a 3/4 man group a few times in the dark zone or to do some of the missions and it was fun. What really killed the game for us was how bullet spongey the enemies were, which the second game seems to be far better with. I do hope there are more hairstyles and faces (and agent customization in general, honestly) than the first game.

    Some of my fave times in the first was running around as a two person police/swat unit where we both had the shield skill (once they made it good lol), and we would take turns being the shield while the other (attempted) to follow right behind while shooting over shield players shoulder while remaining protected. Was nice when it worked, and we were rocking the swat/police style gear. Hoping for that again but we'll see.

    Comes out in March, I believe? Will be my next game purchase anyhow.
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      This is a big MAYBEE for me. me joe/OS. and henry did alot of this game. I cant help but think about him whenever this game comes up. Maybe i'll get it but it's definitely not a game i ever wanna play alone. We'll see how the reviews turns out.


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        The story mode is going to be 40 hours long which surprised me.


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          Welp, this feels exactly like Division 1. not that I hate DIV 1but this feels like an expansion more than a sequel, cancelled the preorder. i'll pick it up during a sale.


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            I never played the first Division game. Just Wildlands, which was one of the blandest video games I think I’ve ever played and beaten. And after ten collective hours playing the beta, sufficed to say, Division 2 wasn’t for me.



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              So who all bought this so far? Its been very well recieved by the community to date, with only the occasional bug causing sizable issues (that have been/are being fixed already).

              I'm level 23(out of 30) currently and must say I've been enjoying the game a lot. Its not as immediately fun gameplay wise as, say, Anthem but it really does shine as a looter shooter, RPG and actually even as a tactical shooter. You can be ripped apart by a lone enemy incrediably fast in the game if you play poorly. Its somewhat dark souls like actually in its difficulty, in that when you die it doesn't feel as though its because the game 'cheated' but because you yourself fucked up in some way. Positioning and situational awareness are HUGELY important in the game. Unlike the first, and many other games, when an enemy lobs a grenade at you there isn't a bright red circle on the ground telling you to get away. Unless you actively see the npc throw the nade, or listen to sound cues (game does really well with sound cues tbh) you can find yourself spontaneously dying to a nade that you never even knew was there. Its fantastic lol. Also enemies are not the bullet sponges of the first game, which is a godsend. That said when you are rolling in a party of 4 the enemies can be pretty tough (they scale based on player count).

              I bought this game myself (friend bought Anthem. We gameshare) and don't remotely regret the purchase so far, and likely won't. Ubisoft are honestly my favourite developers because they actually stick with their games and continue to improve them over time. I still hop on For Honor for a week every so often, occasionally go back to Wildlands to see what nice new updates were added and so on. Can't see Division 2 being any different.
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                I played the beta and gave it a hard pass tbh. Loot shooters aren’t for me, because no matter what I’m doing, the gameplay needs to be the selling point of any video game I play. What I played in the beta just felt very dime-a-dozen, in terms of third person shooter gameplay. And I remembered haaaaaating the first Division game. So the second this one gave me shades of that, I stopped and called it a day.

                I guess the appeal is just lost on me for these kinds of games. I tried playing co-op and the PvP mode, but it never left me going, “fuck yeah” the way I want games to make me feel.


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                  I will get Div2, since it's so positively received. I'm guessing it's the kinda game you can play when drunk or high or something. If Henry or any of you all end up picking it up then it'll be our new hangout game. just shoooot the shit, literally.

                  Dep yeah, these kinda games never put a hold on me either.


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                    Washington DC is quarantined due to the laziest hackiest virus scenario. Madmen are running a mock and are armed to the teeth. So the government laughs off it's delta operators and Navy Seals who have thousands of hours of tier 1 operations under their belt and instead send in a bunch of part time plumbers with an AR15 license.
                    You'll see the city in chaos and the civilians cowering in fear and you'll think, "if they had guns and assault rifles they'd be fine"

                    Game is major fun for 14 hours or 4 districts but with so many great games out in the same month and great ones on the way very shortly, you'll be wishing you used that division 2 money on some good weed or another game.


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                      Originally posted by sadistic_greyfox View Post
                      I will get Div2, since it's so positively received. I'm guessing it's the kinda game you can play when drunk or high or something. If Henry or any of you all end up picking it up then it'll be our new hangout game. just shoooot the shit, literally.

                      Dep yeah, these kinda games never put a hold on me either.
                      Eventually yeah this is what I figure it's going to be


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                        So I've played a good bit of the game now. Reached endgame, got to the current gear score/item level cap and stopped playing. Not because the game isn't fun or because there was nothing to do (loads to do, in fact) but because we knew that the next world tier would be releasing soonish so there was no real point in grinding for the perfect gear or anything just yet. We now know world tier 5 and the first raid will be launching on the 5th, so only a week to go. So once that drops it won't be pointless to actually farm for that perfect build for ones playstyle.

                        As for the game in its entirety, I must say the story is really... well its not even lackluster because its just not there at all. Think Anthem had a bad story (it did)? It had one at least lol. I feel like this is an increasingly common thing for Ubi's Tom Clancy games. They are just so bland and vapid story wise. Like as bad as Anthem's story was, its dialogue was generally quite good. Div2 has practically no story, just backstory/setting, and what dialogue and cutscenes there are happen to be quite badly written/directed. Dunno what they were thinking with the idiot that is Manny proclaiming you to be sheriff while playing with small figures on a map of DC. This dude, according to the game itself, was in the military. You would NEVER guess that from the dialogue or his presentation in general.

                        Honestly after playing through the whole story campaign and collecting some of the scattered audio logs and such, the only hint of a story to come revolves around the president and his likely ties to certain groups. Of course if that does happen it will be some one liner you get told but don't hear because they tell you this while in the midst of a gunfight (why do games do this? Why?). Like bitch I am getting shot at here, I am busy turning these enemies into lobotomized jelly, shut the fuck up until I have enough time to breath and focus on the dialogue. Smh.

                        All that said I'm really enjoying the game lol. Its tough as shit though at times. Was trying to solo activities in world tier 4 (WT4) and getting ripped to shreds. I really agreed with a point made by a youtuber (SkillUp) that the games combat or more akin to a real time XCOM than it is a regular third person shooter. If you let an enemy flank you/your team they could single handedly wipe your group within a few seconds. So yeah, positioning, use of gadgets, grenades and suppressive fire is all quite important at the higher difficulties.
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                          That last paragraph makes me more eager to get it..I love that idea.


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                            Dante so I've been playing Dividers 2 on and off since early May. Full disclosure: I played the beta and wasn't impressed, and hated both Dividers 1 and Wildblands.

                            But I gotta say, I've entered the next World Tier after what I thought was the final mission of the game, and I gotta say, this has been one of my favorite games of the year thus far and I'm legit shocked to be saying that lol.

                            The story and characters are all dogshit. Like Ubisoft was so spineless about deciding whether or not they wanted to make some kinda commentary (because oh no, we can't be political, that might alienate our money) that the end result of the games plot just feels completely toothless. It very clearly wants to be a pro-guns sorta thing. "Hey, when the government, did'ja have a gun? Because your neighbor had a gun." But it tiptoes around that so frequently that the whole effort is legit pathetic.

                            But I don't play video games for story. I don't give a shit about 98% of stories in video games because that's not what's gonna keep me coming back for more. A solid gameplay loop is, and Dividers 2 has a damn good one tbh.

                            Gunplay is smooth and while enemies soak up damage, they aren't nearly as egregious as in the first Dividers game. I've been playing the entire campaign solo thus far, only doing a few co-op missions here and there for the lolz. And I've actually had a ton of fun with it. The way you can mix and match your weapons with your gadgets creates for whole new playstyles. My favorite has been rocking a shield which doesn't cover everything but still lets me use primary weapons like assault rifles and shotguns when equipped. So instead of just doing the usual cover-shooter bullshit, I'm in cover, bum-rushing with my shield out to get to the next cover spot. Occasionally summoning a drone or a turret gun to help me out. And gunplay feels both weighty and fun, thanks to guns having the right amount of kick and the rolling / dodging mechanics.

                            There's a huge variety of enemies thanks to multiple factions of baddies, each with their own weapons and 'classes.' Elite brutes are like the heavy infantries from MGSV. They soak up damage but once you break their armor, they go down really fast. And each brute is unique. Some have mini-guns, others have grenade launchers, and two have both a giant sledgehammer and a fucking chainsaw lol.

                            There's even a whole new faction with really unique enemy / mini-boss types that gets unlocked after you beat the main game, and these fuckers are hard lol. On top of that, there's a whole new class system that gets unlocked. Like when you think you've unlocked everything, there's a new additional specialization that gives you a unique serious firepower third weapon specific to that class, along with a unique uniform and a whole slew of skills you can unlock with each one. If you played Surviveance, it's kinda like the subclasses system, only when you unlock it, your first thought isn't, "why the fuck wasn't this here from the start?"

                            What I love is how most enemies have a specific weakspot. A lotta basic grunts have drug canisters or fuel tanks on them, and if you shoot them, they explode, and can damage those around them. Even after you've already killed an enemy, if other enemies are near their corpse, you can still blow their canisters to damage the others. And shit like that is what makes the game so much fun. There are so many opportunities to get incredibly strategic with any given shootout that it keeps things from getting too one note.

                            And the cosmetics look great as time goes on. My guy looked lame at the start, but now I have some really cool, militant looking gear to make my guy look like a straight MGS boss lol.

                            If there's one issue I have, besides the games shit writing and being an always online live service, it's the boss fights. The game has tons of bosses, but only a very select few feel like genuine boss fights and not just reskinned elites. Chiefly among them are the Hunters, which are scattered all throughout the game that you can confront by doing puzzles. What they should do with Division 3 is give each boss a unique weapon on top of a unique skin. Make them bullet sponges if they need to, but give the player opportunities to deal extra damage with the environment. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror managed to get really creative with its bosses and most of them felt like basic enemies. They did shit like having a boss you couldn't kill without disabling bombs first. Another who steals your weapon and uses it against you. One in armor that makes him bullet proof unless you short circuit it, and then it comes back online eventually. Things like that. They don't need to make bosses like MGS, but if they get just a little more creative, then they can make bosses that feel like actual boss fights, which in turn, could add a good deal of replay value to missions if those bosses are distinct and fun enough encounters.

                            I'll do an actual video review once I've really beaten the full game and decide enough's enough. But yeah, sufficed to say, this game was a very pleasant surprise for me. It doesn't hold a handle to MGSV, as a shooter, and damn sure not in mission design, but I can't think of many games I've played and beaten this year that I actively wanted to keep coming back to after I'd beaten it the way I have with Dividers 2. RE2make was baller, but once I beat it and got the true ending, that was that. Travis Strikes Again was a mess that I liked, but had no incentive to come back to because, despite the great bosses, the levels took way too long and were way too repetitive. MK11 is kickass, but it's missing a few things for my liking, namely Reptile and the other ninjas I played as most. And the less said about Left Alive, the better lol.


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                              Your post has breached my radar. Has it dropped in price yet?