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    This is just a general place to converse about all things pc.

    So my general gaming pc is going to be turning 6 years come January. I really want to upgrade but i'm not sure if i should hold off until 4k 60 frames with HDR becomes sort of standard with video cards. is that going to be a long way off? How about building a pc in general, will 1500 still build a pc than can run at 4k?

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    if 1500 doesn't build a pc that runs 4k that'd be crazy


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      I'm wanting 4k 60 though and i feel like that's a madman's fantasy right now.


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        I dunno, I kind of think 4k isn't worth it yet. the majority of games/content isn't 4k yet, so if you've got a 4k monitor and you're running something that's 1080 it'll look crappy.

        although i also definitely need some serious upgrades. CPU, Mobo, RAM probably another cooler. hell the only thing I'll keep is my graphics card and PSU


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          I was actually watching a video on youtube with that "Linus" guy and it seem most gamers can tell the difference between 1080 p and a 1440 display but with a 1440 and a 4k you have to realllllyyyyy pay attention to notice the differences, and since most moderatlyy 6k displays only do up to 60 hz it can feel sluggish in faster games. Looks Like i should just hold off until the tech gets better.


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            I can barely tell the difference between 180p and 1080p! No way am I gonna get a 4k monitor!!